Weather in Malaga: 320 sunny days a year

Weather in Malaga

There?s no denying it: Malaga has great weather. The beautiful city has an average of 320 days of sun per year, which translates into over 3000 hours of sunlight during the year. The weather in Malaga has very little rain or covered skies, and that makes it a fantastic holiday destination. The odds of you coming and having bad weather during your whole stay are as rare as it snowing in the city!

One of the many advantages of the location of Malaga is that not only we get many days of sun throughout the year, but also that temperatures are milder than other places in the same latitude.

Average temperatures

Weather forecast Malaga

The closeness to the Mediterranean sea makes the weather in M?laga and its temperatures more constant. The winter is not as cold as other cities of Andalusia located more inland; nor hot summer temperatures get as high as in the rest of the country. Seville and Cordoba are famous for having summer temperatures of 45?C and higher while Malaga?s average summer temperature is 25?C.

During the summer, the low temperatures average 21? and the highs 30?, perfect for walking down the historical center and visiting the landmarks or walking to the beach and getting a tan. During the winter, the low temperatures are around 8?C and the highs can get up to 18?C? not bad at all!

Rain like you mean it!

Never rains in Malaga

When coming to Malaga, always keep in mind that the time of year when we get the most rain is November-December. This doesn?t mean that it rains everyday during these months, but it is more likely that if you visit us during that time of year, you might have to use your umbrella once.

Another interesting fact is that when it rains here, we really mean it! We can have torrential rains for short periods of time, so one day we can get 80mm of rain in a four-hour period, and then have sunshine again. This is enough to provide the city with running water, but not to keep us from watering the plants.

Aside that, there is usually a fresh sea breeze that helps bear with the heat during the summer and can really make a difference if you cover under shade.

Don?t sweat it

Temperature in Malaga

The weather in Malaga can be quite humid, and it might give you the impression that it is warmer than it truly is. You?ll find yourself sweating? a lot. This is caused by humidity levels of 70% and above. You will quickly realize that it is not because of the temperature. As soon as you stand or sit under shade and feel the breeze, you?ll notice it?s actually not as warm.

Hand fans can be a very useful tool, and make you look cool and very spanish when using it. It is very common for women to carry one in their bags (or their hands) during the whole summer. Fans are not part of any costume, but a real thing that people use everyday.

There are a million reasons to visit Malaga, and any time of year you?ll enjoy great weather and plenty of things to do. The city is vibrant, full of activities and sights, and has a lot of charming little towns nearby where you can immerse yourself in southern Spain?s culture.

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