Top Outdoor Gyms in Malaga City


There is nothing better than exercising outdoors

This is the same with regards to exercising in Malaga. We often confine?ourselves within the four walls of a gym but in Malaga city we have the opportunity of exercising outdoors, while enjoying some fantastic views ... and the best part, it?s absolutely free!

We have prepared a list of the best outdoor spaces for fitness in the city of Malaga.

* Malagueta promenade:?At any time of day you will see people running or cycling here. You can start at the port (Muelle Uno) and turn left at the bottom when you hit the beach. This route takes you to all the way to Ba?os del Carmen with tracks perfectly equipped for running, walking or cycling, right next to the sea. The route in total is about 3.5km (7km if you do a round trip). If you cycle, at the beginning you have to ride?on the pavement, but when you reach Chiringuito Oasis (beach restaurant) the bicycle trail begins. Along the way you will see several exercise stations, which we will mention later.

* Paseo Mar?timo Antonio Banderas (also known as Huelin beach, or Misericordia beach): Like the promenade of the Malagueta, it has spacious pedestrian streets next to the beach perfect for a long walk; and it also has a bike path. The route reaches the Sacaba roundabout, which in total is about 4km (8km if you do a round trip).

NOTE: If you are a strong runner, you can combine the two routes either side of the port without a problem, but keep in mind that the section from the River to the Port does not have a trail at this moment.


* "Zonas de Musculaci?n": These are urban areas where exercise machines have been provided for public use. There are many fitness zones in the city of Malaga and you can see them all here, and even read about how to use them. My favourites are those that are on the promenade of the Malagueta beach, with a spectacular ocean view. There are 5 fitness areas distributed from the port (Muelle Uno) to Ba?os del Carmen. The biggest one is right opposite the Morlaco park. Along the promenade of Huelin there are 5 more exercise zones.

You can download an app for your phone that will help you find the nearest fitness area.

* Parks: If you are someone who prefers a quiet walk, meditation or some yoga, we recommend ?Huelin park, the ?Oeste park or Morlaco park.

Now there's no excuse for not exercising at the "free gyms" and enjoy the outdoors during your holiday in Malaga.


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