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Imagine being able to stand up in the middle of the sea, surrounded by paradisiacal views of cliffs and waterfalls.?The heavenly Burriana Beach in Nerja is the perfect location to try this new water sport called Stand Up Paddle or Stand Up Paddle Surf (SUP). Basically it consists of standing up on a special big surf-style board (quite similar to a windsurf board) and move across the water assisted by a long paddle. SUP started around 2005 in Hawaii, due to the surfer?s need to swim long distances to reach the waves, and it has been gaining popularity over recent years.

In Nerja, approximately 58 km from Malaga city centre (45 minutes), there is a perfect spot to try SUP and the friendly guys from AWA WaterSports can make it possible. AWA WaterSports is currently the only company offering this service in Nerja and the team is professionally trained to take good care of you. They have been practising all kinds of watersports for more than 20 years and have been offering this experience in Nerja for the past four years.


So, of course, we had to try it in order to give you our opinion about SUP in Nerja. Yes, it?s a hard job?
To avoid disappointment, we booked in advance, as it is really popular during summer. Waiting for us at the AWA offices at Burriana Beach (just at the end of the street, on the beach side) was Jose Tiernes, the manager and our guide. You are advised to arrive few minutes beforehand so you will have time to get changed and put on lots of sun cream. Once you are ready, you will be given a life vest and a quick introduction to the SUP. Feel free to ask whatever you need to.

The expedition takes about 2.5 hours paddling along the coast, therefore you will have plenty of time to improve your performance if this is your first time. Before starting the journey, once you are out at sea, the guide gives you some minutes to get familiar with the board and find your balance. When everyone in the group is ready, the expedition starts!

While you are paddling you will pass beautiful waterfalls, cliffs and rock caves. The waterfalls merit stopping for a while to contemplate them, and of course to take a couple of photos if you are lucky enough to have a waterproof camera. Sometimes the guide takes his camera with him so you can kindly ask if he could take a photo of you. There are also a couple of little beach coves in between the rocks that you will pass by. If you feel tired, you can always stop for a while and rest or you can get on your knees and keep paddling. I really recommend you stay until the end, as one of the most beautiful sights of the expedition is during the last part.


The atmosphere during the whole expedition was really fun and friendly. Jose, our tour guide, was always joking and commenting about the sights. He explained to us that SUP is a sport that can be done by anyone, with no limitations other than finding your balance. Moreover, it is great exercise. In my opinion, the sensation was like kayaking, but allowing you to be more in contact with the deep turquoise and clear sea. (By the way, AWA WaterSports also offers kayak expeditions at Playa Burriana.)

The cost of the 2.5 hour expedition with the tour guide is ?20 per person. This is honestly an affordable price taking into account the experience and the views. After that, if you prefer to rent the equipment individually, without the tour guide, it is ?13 per hour, per person. AWA WaterSports offers the tours every day during summer (from June until September) from 10am until 8pm. During the rest of the year the expeditions depend on the groups.

How to book?

In order to book your SUP expedition, contact AWA WaterSports by email or phone:
- Email:
- Phone: (+34) 626296048
To get more information about them and their services visit, or check them out on Facebook.

How do I get there?

AWA WaterSports is located at Playa Burriana, 29780 Nerja.

If you are travelling there by car, it takes you around 45 minutes from Malaga and you need to head onto the A-7 until exit 292 toward Nerja. As soon as you are in Nerja, the street signs can easily guide you to Playa Burriana.
There are also buses leaving Malaga Bus Station, direction Nerja (they usually go from bay 38), it takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 25 minutes depending on the route of the bus. The price is around ?4.31 one way.

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