Restaurant El Tintero in Malaga


Restaurant El Tintero is certainly worth a visit when you are on a city break in Malaga. Here you get your food served like nowhere else. The locals in Malaga city are all familiar with Restaurant El Tintero and many tourists also visit the famous restaurant, which is located approximately 5 kilometres from the centre of Malaga in El Palo on the Playa del Dedo beach. El Tintero specializes in fried fish and offers a wide selection of dishes. The restaurant is large and there are plenty of tables both inside and outside. It is not just the food or the location beside the beach that attracts customers, but the unusual way the waiters serve the food.


You will not find a menu card in the restaurant; instead the waiters walk around the restaurant offering dishes to the guests. Each waiter shouts the name of the dish they are offering. El Tintero offers approximately 50 different dishes and the noise levels can sometimes be very high.

The restaurant offers plates like paella, fried fish, grilled fish, seafood and salads, and when the waiter passes your table you need to get his attention. All the plates have fixed prices and you pay per plate. A standard portion costs ?7.50, but if you order lobster, squid or calamari it costs ?21.00 per plate.

When you wish to pay, then you have to get hold of the waiter who shouts ?Yo cobro?, which means ?I am charging?. He will count your plates and glasses and write the bill on the table.


Let me mention: if you are looking for a quiet place, then it is not El Tintero. Sometimes the noise can be very loud when all the waiters are shouting at once. But if you are keen on an adventure and typical fried food from Malaga, then you should pay a visit to Restaurant El Tintero.

The restaurant is located in Playa del Dedo s/n, 29018 Malaga. You can take bus 11 from the city centre towards El Palo and get off at stop 1134 (ask the driver). From there you can walk to the restaurant.

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