Rent a car in Spain: documents, tips and information you need to know

rent a car in Spain general information

Are you planning to visit Spain soon and thinking about renting a car? Well, this is a great option if you want to be completely free in terms of transportation. You won’t need to check train or bus schedules, as you have your own car to explore this incredible country. 

However, there are certain things you need to consider before renting a car in Spain. In summer, cities such as Málaga, Barcelona or Valencia increase their population considerably and sometimes it can be a real nightmare to use the car in rush hours.

I personally recommend you to rent a car if you are planning to visit littles villages and more hidden places out of the cities. If you are just planning to stay inside, I think public transport is more than enough and you won’t have any problems.

Say so, these are eight things you can’t miss out on if you are planning to rent a car in Spain soon. 

rent a car in Spain general information

The Spanish drive on the right-hand side of the road

Even though most countries have the same type of driving, others, like the UK or Australia could see this as a little bit different from their country. If you are not used to driving on the right-hand side of the road, don’t worry, you’ll need just one day or two to be comfortable with it.

Choosing between a manual or automatic car before rental

Associated with the driving side, this is another point to take into consideration when choosing a rental car. Most renting companies offer the possibility to rent a manual car, so, if you prefer an automatic car you should ask them for it in advance. 

The age of the driver

Most rental companies usually have some requirements when they rent a car to their customers. One of them is age. Most rental brands will ask you for a minimum age from 22 to 25. (Reminder: in Spain you can legally drive at 18)

Fuel policy

This is something you have to be aware of too. Most companies will rent you a car with a full tank of fuel. But, you have to give it back full when you leave the car. 

Documentation for renting a car in Spain

For renting a car in Spain you’ll need a valid driver's license, a passport and a credit card (for the deposit

Rent a car in Spain with children

Children under 12 years old should sit in the back of the car and, if they are less than 1,35 meters, they should have a reglementary car seat. 

Rent a car in malaga

Car rental prices

Well, this can vary from one company to another depending on the services you want to include.

International brands such as Avis or Sixt will give you the opportunity to take the car in one city in Spain and drop it in another country. However, these companies are usually more expensive than the local ones. 

If you are thinking about renting a car in Malaga for example, for doing some one day trips, I recommend you to rent it in local companies. 

Also, try to avoid rental companies inside the airport, as they are more expensive too.

Rent a car in Malaga: local rental car companies

Check the insurances in advance

Once you are comparing different prices, check that these ones have insurance and taxes included (16% VAT), as it’s completely mandatory in Spain to have covered insurance for your car. Also, check what damages are covered by the insurance (for example, collision damage waiver/CDW, theft cover and personal accident insurance/PAI…)

Car rental in Spain: a great option to explore the surroundings

explorling Span by car - rent a car in Spain

As I said in the beginning, even though public transport is pretty good in all Spain, if you are planning to visit different places in the same day or you want to have the freedom that a car offer you, I will highly recommend you to rent a car, as the highways and roads in Spain are very properly indicated and drivers in Spain aren't ‘very’ aggressive.

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