The old fisherman's village Pedregalejo in Malaga


Head east along the coastal road from Malaga and you will arrive to Pedregalejo. Access can be done on foot or, even better, by bike from Malaga centre to just beyond the Baños del Carmen. Here you will find the old fishing village of Pedregalejo. It has since become one of Malaga's most bustling areas and gained recent popularity. This still very traditional, Spanish fishing village has preserved its local character and charm without being overly influenced by tourism. The beaches here are famous for the way they have been divided up into small, u-shaped coves. This makes them the perfect place to be enjoyed by families with young children. This old fishing village is also an excellent place to enjoy water sports such as kayaking, surfing and snorkeling.

A must see, for historical interest alone, is the Baños del Carmen, a bathing resort that was opened for the rich in 1918. A long, high wall separates the still beautiful building, its ruined gardens and stony beach from the noisy, main road. This now restaurant and bar set out romantically in the sea is the perfect place to enjoy a drink while you watch the sun setting behind the Malaga skyline.

The old fishing village is most known for its fantastic selection of restaurants along the promenade and the delightful seafood served there. The restaurants are just a few feet from the beach. Most people eat outside in the sun on the terraces as they watch the espeteros barbecuing sardines on wooden sticks in the 'jabegas' (traditional fishing boats used by fishermen back in the day).
Pedregalejo has recently seen the opening of a selection of stylish and modern restaurants. Here are just some of the restaurants worth paying a visit:

Pez Tomillo:

This lively tapas restaurant offers beautifully prepared modern tapas in a very warmly decorated and cozy restaurant. Also, not to be missed is the charcoal cooked cod and the salmon in jalapeno juice.


This gastronomic delights of the fusion between the cooking of the famous Mediterranean cuisine of Salido Alejandro Cordero and Sushi-Chef Rui Junior are just exquisite. This restaurant shares owners with the well-known Oleo Restaurante.


El Lirio

Is the first of the fish restaurants that you will come to on the promenade. It offers very good quality food at very reasonable prices. Moreover, it's known for its excellent seafood and barbecued sardines 'espetos de sardinas').

La Paloma Fossil

They unique restaurant specializes in meat and fish cooked to your liking on a hot stone (at your table) by the clients themselves. There is nowhere better to enjoy an evening with a group of friends and the prices are very reasonable.

Clue: the Sangria is to die for!


La Machina

Here you can enjoy excellent American style breakfasts, burgers and sandwiches in very stylish surroundings.

La Galerna

This restaurant specializes in build your own custom burgers, sandwiches and salads. You literally get to tick off from a list, what type of lettuce, sauce, bread and toppings you desire. This restaurant also has a great vibe in the evening.

Carnal Grill and Club

Known best for its delicious grilled meats, cocktails and Uber-cool interior. If you are looking for a good steak, there is nowhere better!

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