Malaga Street Art: where to find the best urban art in the city

Urban street art in Malaga

Malaga is a very vibrant and open-minded place on the Mediterranean coast that has dozens of artistic and cultural places to enjoy. In fact, it’s the third city in Spain with more museums and its variety comes from Picasso (he was born in Malaga) to Automovilistic or Cine Museum.

We talk a lot about what to do in Malaga and today, I want to show you a different plan that you’ll love! The thing is, in Malaga, you don’t have to go inside a museum to enjoy great art pieces, you can find them on the streets!

Thanks to the MAUS (Malaga Arte Urbano Soho) project.

‘Maus is a unique experience of creation through which streets are transformed into a working canvas for numerous artists from all over the world’

In this blog, we will show you the most beautiful street art pieces you can find in Malaga and their location so you can visit them personally! Let’s go!

Street Art Malaga Map

MAUS project is located in Soho Neighborhood, the most multicultural area in the city. A few years ago this neighborhood was famous for being a quite dangerous place, where people used to do drugs and other types of illegal actions. However, this has completely changed, and the Soho is currently one of the most visited and lively areas of the city, with plenty of places to eat, listen to live music, or, in this case enjoy great cultural street art pieces.

Down below, you can see the map, where I highlight most of the streets where you can find the different graffitis and pieces of art that belong to MAUS project.

Street Art Soho Malaga

????Comandante Benitez Street

Author: D*face and Obey

???? San Lorenzo Street

Author: unknow artists

Author: Boamistura

????Alameda principal

Author: Faith47

Graffiti in Alameda Principal, Malaga

Author: Dal east

Art in Alameda Principal, Malaga

????Tomás Heredia Street

Author: Dadi Dreucol

Dadi Dreucol graffiti in Tomas Heredia street

????Casas de Campos Street

Author: Roa

Casas de Campos street urban art

????Hotel Soho Bahía Malaga

Author: Okuda & Remed

hotel soho bahia malaga street art graffiti

????Hotel Soho Bahía Malaga

Author: Aryz

Urban art - graffiti in Hotel Soho Bahí Malaga

????Parking Alemania Street

Author: Andi Rivas

Graffiti in the window in Parking Alemania Street

Unknown artists

????Blasco de Garay Street

Author: Unknow artists

Street Art by unknown artist
Street Art Malaga in Blasco de Garay street
Street art in Malaga

????Barroso Street

Street Art Malaga in Barroso Street
Street Art Malaga

????Navalón Street

Street art in Malaga

????Barroso Street

Malaga street Art in Soho neighborhood

????Duquesa de Parcent

Street Art in Malaga
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