MALAGA FILM FESTIVAL: Everything you should know

Malaga Film Festival Programme

Malaga Film Festival is a gala which has been celebrated since 1998 and it’s one of the biggest events of all year. We have put together some interesting information about the festival so you can enjoy all the events and make the most of it.

Its objective is to promote Spanish cinematography, to become a national and international benchmark of cinematographic events, and to contribute to the development of Malaga as an open and cultural city.

When and where will the Malaga Festival take place?

Malaga Film Festival will take place all over Malaga from Friday 18th to Sunday 21th of March, Its opening night will be held at the Martin Carpena Sports Center. This year, the sports center is celebrating its 25th anniversary, a big milestone for us locals.

This festival has become really popular and recognized worldwide. Today, actors and cinematography professionals from all over the world are participating in this great event. Some known names that we will see this year are Antonio Banderas, Juana Acosta, Almodovar, Miguel Angel Silvestre…

Malaga Film Festival Programme

The festival will count with almost 300 films from Spain and Latin America

You can watch the films in different locations of the city, such as the Cervantes Theatre, Albéniz Cinema, and the Echegaray Theatre. As we mentioned before, the opening night will be taking place at the Martin Carpena Sports Center. 

Moreover, if you don't have the possibility to visit Malaga, there is plenty of online activities that you can participate in. In addition, the event management board has developed a free app, that you can download and keep up with everything that is happening in the city!

If you want to know more about the programme, you can click here.


There are more than fifty awards in this festival (including special mentions and other awards) but the most recognized ones are the ‘Biznaga awards’ that can be either golden or silver.

Malaga Film Festival information

Some of the awards are for:

  • Best Spanish Film
  • Best Iberoamerican Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Female Performance
  • Best Male Interpretation 
  • Best screenplay
  • Best VSO


Maybe you are asking yourself: Is the Malaga Film Festival only related to films? Well, the answer is no! 

This cultural event gives us the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities, such as book presentations, exhibitions, master classes, cineforum, children's activities…

As you can see, all the city is throwing itself into the event and this edition will no doubt be an unforgettable one. 

If you'd like to know more about all the activities you can participate in, click here! 


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