"La Manquita", Cathedral of Malaga


Malaga's Cathedral is affectionately called by locals "La Manquita" (something like "the one armed lady"). It is because the main facade and one of the two front towers (the south one) are unfinished. The formal name is "Catedral de la Encarnaci?n" , and nowadays is one of the most important monuments of the city. Malaga's Cathedral was built just in the place where the biggest mosque-Moorish quarter from town once was located.

It was built in between 1528 y 1782; 254 years of construction and still unfinished. The construction was ordered by the Catholic Kings who re conquered the city in 1487. In the late eighteenth century the building works stopped due to lack of funds. Since then, has that peculiar image that gives it its nickname. The north tower is 84 meters high, making this building the second-highest cathedral in Andalusia. The first-highest is Cathedral Giralda in Seville.

While the Cathedral of Malaga clearly has Renaissance characteristics, having in mind that the date of start of construction coincides with the apogee of Andalusian Renaissance artistic style, most of the building, including the facade has Baroque styles.

From its interior it worth to mention the sculpture of the choir, with 42 figures made by Pedro de Mena, and the two magnificent pipe organs with over 4,000 pipes. pipe organs date from the eighteenth-century and have been preserved in perfect condition.

Inside the Cathedral there is a Museum consisting of two showrooms with some paints, liturgical objects and some jewelry pieces. There is also a pretty garden, full of orange trees, very typical of Andalusia and there is a open space exposition of symbolical sculptures made by the artist Jorge Rando. You can relax at the gardens for free, as they are always open to visitors.

If after the visit you fancy a drink or either if you are hungry, just opposite the Cathedral you can find "Plaza del Obizpo" a square with quite few bars and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy the amazing view of the Cathedral.

The ticket price is 5? and the opening times are:

10:00 until 18:00 Monday to Friday
10:00 until 17:00 Saturday
Free entry Sunday from 14:00 untill 18:00

The Cathedral is located in the historical city centre.
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