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The Alhambra in Granada is Spain's most visited tourist attraction with approximately 2 million visitors a year. Buying entrance tickets to the Alhambra can be difficult and after several requests from our clients we now offer a complete guide.If you are going to Spain for your holiday and planning a visit to the Alhambra, then you should buy your tickets online before arrival. Don't think that you can buy them at the entrance as that is very rarely the case. As mentioned earlier, the ticket system is very complicated. If you are not an experienced buyer on the Internet then it might be difficult. So follow this guide and we will help you get it right. Note that we are going through the purchase of the ticket "Alhambra General" which gives you access to the entire site.


1. Go to the website Ticketmaster.

2. Click "Buy tickets" in Alhambra General.

3. Here you need to select the date you wish to visit the Alhambra and then click "Buy Tickets".

4. This will take you to a three-step page:

* Choose number of people (max. 10 per purchase) - click "Continue"
* Choose what time you want to visit Palace Nazaries. Mark the time and click "Continue"
* Choose which tickets you want and click "Continue". Please note it is written in Spanish.

- Ni?os de 12-15 a?os = Children 12-15 years ? 8.00
- Mayores 65 a?os = seniors ? 9.00 (these tickets must be picked up at the ticket office at the entrance and you must show a photo ID with birth date. A tip is to buy a normal ticket. This saves you a lot of time).
- Discapacidad = Disabled ? 8.00
- Ni?os menos de 12 a?os = Children under 12 free (remember tickets must still be printed).

5. Now you get to the payment page. All fields are required:
* Name
* Middle name (if you don't have one, then you must invent one)
* Surname
* Email
* Mobile number (no country code)
* Credit card number
* Expiry date & year
* CVC code on the back of your credit card (3 digits).
* Remember to tick the "I accept the general conditions"
* Click "Continue"

6. Now you get to a page asking you to confirm your purchase.
* Check all the details
* Tick "Please send me an email with the details of the purchase" and you will receive an email.
* Click "Purchase these tickets"

Important: There have been a lot of examples where customers haven?t been able to use their Visa card to buy the tickets. If that happens, use a MasterCard. If you do not have a MasterCard, then it is complicated.


Congratulations, you have just bought a ticket to the Alhambra. But please note that this was only the first step and the next is to pick up your ticket. It can be done in three ways:

* Pick up at a ServiCaixa ATM (Recommended method)
* Tickets can be purchased and picked up at the ticket machines at the Alhambra.
* Tickets can be purchased and picked up at the ticket office at the Alhambra.

Picking up the ticket is the hardest part and here many people get into trouble. We can only encourage the use of a ServiCaixa ATM and do it in advance. Do not wait until you get to the Alhambra, because sometimes there is a long queue and since your ticket is time limited, then you might miss the most important details. Let me just say, the Alhambra ticket system is awful and could be done much better.

Picking up your ticket at a ServiCaixa ATM:

La Caixa is a bank in Spain and the tickets must be printed at their ATMs (cash machines). You can see here where you can find ServiCaixa branches in Spain.

1. Insert your credit card (it must be the card you bought the tickets with).
2. Click "Collect entrance tickets". The yellow button in the left corner of the screen.
3. Enter your PIN code.
4. Click "Ticket summary" and you get an overview of your tickets.
5. Select the ticket you want to print and click "Print tickets with receipt".
6. Once the tickets are printed click exit and you get your card back.

Purchase and pick up tickets at the ticket machines at the Alhambra:

This is not a way we recommend, as there can be long queues. Therefore we encourage you to use ServiCaixa. But should you do it anyway, then it is pretty much the same as Servicaixa ATMs. Remember that your ticket is time limited and if you do not comply with the time, then you can't use your ticket. Note that you can only pay by credit card and a fee is added.

Purchase and pick up tickets at the ticket office at the Alhambra:

If you choose this option, please note that you can only buy tickets for the same day. Remember that there is no guarantee that tickets are available and in high season it is impossible to purchase tickets. Remember to get there early as the queue can be long and note that you can only pay in cash and a fee is added.

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