Hammam Al Ándalus - Arab Baths in Málaga


Imagine feeling like you are in an Arabic spa from the Middle Ages, without moving from Malaga city centre. You just need to bring a swimsuit, and the experience is guaranteed by the Arab Baths "Hammam Al ?ndalus", located in the historical centre of Malaga. Do not be fooled by the deceptively small fa?ade of the entrance, because on the inside 1,300 m2 and five thermal baths are designed to relax you even more during your holidays.


This building in the Moorish architectural style has gorgeous columns, carved decorated arches and tiled walls (all handmade by local artisans). It reproduces ancient Arab baths perfectly. The five million Euro project opened its doors in Malaga in 2013. Hammam Al ?ndalus offers five thermal baths within multiple rooms, an experience that can be complemented by traditional and relaxing massages.


After hearing some good recommendations, we decided to give it a try. It really was worth it.
You will need to bring just a swimsuit (or you can buy one there for 12 Euros), and they will provide you with towels, gel, shampoo, hairdryer, moisturizing cream and lockers. Do not worry about flip flops or pool shoes as you should be barefoot inside the building.
On arrival you are directed to the changing rooms, which introduce you to the old Arabic-Iberian era, and after a shower, you are ready to start the experience.


As soon as you reach the baths, you can see the cold room with two baths (at 18?C), one on each side. Next, there is a large room with an impressive dome decorated with Arabic arches and columns; this holds a circular thermal bath and a more private bath plus showers upstairs (at 36?C, body temperature). Also on the first floor is the hottest room, with a second circular bath, amazingly decorated, and a steam room (at 40?C).

Sessions usually take one hour and thirty minutes in which you can move freely around the five thermal baths. If you have a booked a massage too, then it will be included in that time and the staff will call you as soon as your turn comes. After your massage you can come back to the baths until a bell rings to kindly give you notice that your time has come to an end. Do not leave without trying all the thermal baths! Explore the place at your leisure.

The whole place is an experience. The soft smell of different herbs, the Arabic music in the background, the architecture and decoration. Before your massage, feel free to try the traditional tea in the rest room while you choose the aroma of the oil for your massage (rose, lavender, jasmine, red amber). I highly recommend the "Al ?ndalus Ritual and Bath", which includes the traditional "Kessa" treatment where you will be washed with aromatic red grape soap and scrubbed with a "Kessa" glove, all based on an Andalusian technique. Otherwise, you can choose the relaxing massage or just the baths. Hammam Al ?ndalus is a perfect place to relax with your partner too, as they have offers for couples.


It is important to mention that the temperature of the water is controlled by geothermal generation that uses the energy of the earth to produce the heat and cold necessary to preserve the temperature of the five baths. In addition, the place is immaculately clean and bromine is used to purify the water instead of chlorine (it is more gentle on the skin).

How to book?
It is really important to book in advance at least two days before. You can reserve online on their website http://malaga.hammamalandalus.com, by email (malagareservas@hammamalandalus.com) or by phone (+34 952 215 018). The staff speaks English and Spanish.

The baths are located in the historical city centre of Malaga:
Plaza de los M?rtires, 5
29008, Malaga.

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