Guide to the "new normality" post COVID-19 in Andalusia


We created a short guide for you, so that you are aware what you can and cannot do when you are visiting Andalusia this summer. Please note that these norms are subjet to change and are valid until further notice unless informed otherwise.

General Rules
From 15th July 2020, it is mandatory in the autonomous region of Andalusia to wear a mask whenever in public, including on the street and on the beach (except of course when you are eating, drinking, swimming or laying down on your towel). This is the most important rule: always carry a mask with you; you can buy them pretty much everywhere for as low as 0.60? in many places. Please not that not wearing a mask could result in a fine of 100?.

Traveling to Spain
It is mandatory to wear mask in all airports in the world and the same on the flight. Be aware that there are no refreshments or snacks served on board on any flights now, so you will need to bring your beverages and food in case you want. The airport in Malaga is limited now and only the old terminal is open. None of the stores are open and you can only buy things in vending machines, such as masks, gel, water, chips, etc.

When you leave the airport, there are no specific things you need to pay attention to except the normal wearing of face mask and keeping social distancing. For departures there are no special measures. We do recommend that you wear your mask at all times and go with plenty of time before your flight as the security checks might take longer than usual.

When you arrive, you need to be a bit more prepared. It is mandatory to fill out a form when entering Spain. The information required is the following: name, passport, where you are staying, contact information etc. We would strongly recommend that you do this before arrival, as it can take time to do so by arrival. On arrival, the authorities will also take your body temperature. ?

From 15th July and until further notice, face masks are mandatory on the beach as well except when swimming or when laying down on your towel. La Junta de Andalusia hired 3000 people to help control the norms on the beaches this summer. So, you will see people from the Junta walking on the beaches every day from 11:00 ? 20:00 to make sure that people respect the rules and distances. In some case you might even see that they put up small flags around people sunbathing to make sure the distance is respected.

Be aware that you cannot bring beach balls, air mattresses, or play beach tennis and you are only allowed to bring a parasol and no tents. The Junta de Andalusia recommends you shower at home before and after and not to use the public showers and only to use public toilets if necessary. You must only stay 4 hours at the beach this year to make sure everybody has a possibility to use the facilities.

The Junta de Andalusia made some general rules that need to be respected, but it is up to the different communities to set the rules. The communities need to respect at least the general hygiene rules, but they can also set them stricter. So, you will need to contact your private community to know them.

The general rules state that the pool area needs to be cleaned and disinfected twice per day. Only 75% of the maximum capacity is allowed at any time in the pool area. You cannot use the showers and need to shower at home.

Public Transport
It is mandatory to wear mask in all public transports. The same rule applies to private transport, but only if you are driving with people that do not live together with you.

Stores and supermarkets
It is mandatory to wear a face mask in all stores and supermarkets. In the immense majority of places, you will find hydroalcoholic gel.

Restaurants and bars Most of the bars and restaurants are open again and operate as normal. There are a few restrictions such as inside only 75% of the normal capacity with a minimum distance of 1,5 meters and maximum 25 people at one table. On terraces the capacity is a 100% respecting the distances

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