The eternal summer of Málaga


For many the summer ends in late August, in Malaga, it is somewhat different!
For many, summer ends in late August; well, weather in?Malaga is different. Many people will be thinking, why is summer so short? What do I do after summer??Well, if you live in?Malaga,?you know this is not a problem.

Those of us who are lucky enough to live in the Costa del Sol know that summer lasts longer than winter, and even the winters here are much more bearable with good weather and constant sunshine.

Does?M?laga?have the perfect weather?


According to a climate study presented by the?AEMET?(State Agency for Metrology Spain)?Malaga is actually the city with the most sunny days?during the year.

The?Gu?a Resumida del Clima en Espa?a (1981-2010)?confirms that?Malaga and in general, Costa del Sol, enjoys an?average of 2,905 hours of sunshine a year. If we consider that a year has about 8,766 hours, of which more than half are nocturnal darkness, we can have an idea of why?Malaga,?is the sunniest city in Spain.

In?Malaga,?you can enjoy the beach and even go for a swim, from May to October; the rest of the months, we will have a cooler climate but can go for a nice?walk outdoors or have some tapas on a terrace or?chiringuito in M?laga.

During the months of November to January we are likely to have few days of rain, however the?odds?never exceed 30%. This is, however, the perfect time for those who do not like too much the higher temperatures of summer and prefer a tourist destination with fewer visitors.

So wherever you come from, you can rest assured that M?laga will greet you with glorious sunshine and warm?temperatures. What are you waiting for, come and visit?Malaga!


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