Tradicional Easter Food in Andalusia and Spain

Spanish torrijas

Semana Santa is a very important tradition in Spain. During Easter weeks, brotherhoods and believers take to the streets to do, as we called, processions, where thrones with virgin a Christ figures are carried out over the cities. 

As such an important event that has been celebrated for ages, Spaniards also have typical recipes that they cook during this special time of the year. 

We have put together the most important recipes as we think you should taste them if you are visiting Malaga these days! You will find everything from vegetable soup to delicious pastries. 

Your mouth will be watering! 

1. Potaje de vigilia (Vigil soup)

vegetable soap - potaje de vigilia

This vegetable soup is made with cod (that substitutes meat proteins) and its main ingredients are chickpeas, hard boiled eggs and spinach.

2. Buñuelos de bacalao (Cod fritters)

Buñuelos de bacalao - cod fritters

Buñuelos de bacalao are a very easy and yummy recipe to prepare. The only things you need are crumbled cod, flour, parsley, and olive oil. You should put all the ingredients together and make little balls with your hands. Once they are ready, fry them in hot olive oil. That’s it! Easy peasy.

3. Cod and chickpeas salad

cod salada spain

As you have noticed, cod is the main protagonist on Easter! This cold dish has hard boiled eggs, chickpeas, tomatoes and cooked cod.


4. Torrija

Spanish torrijas

Torrijas are the most famous recipes in Semana Santa in Spain. It cooks with bread dunked in milk, sugar, cinnamon, lemon and egg yolk. 

After doing the mix, it’s fried in sunflower oil.

5. Pestiños

pestiños with sugar

This pastry is very typical in Semana Santa in Andalusia. It’s very easy to cook too, you just need to create a pastry with flour, yeast, cinnamon, orange juice and sesame. After that, it’s ready to be fried. Once they are fried, people used to top them with honey or sugar.

6. Rosquillas

anise rosquillas

These little Spanish ‘donuts’ have a special ingredient: anise. In fact, they are called ‘rosquillas de anís’ (anise donuts). 

They are made with milk, flour, sugar, orange, anise, cinnamon and olive oil.

Spanish Semana Santa, a feast for your palate!

As you have seen, Easter in Spain is much more than processions. This tradition encompasses not only  thrones and religious activities, but a big variety of Mediterranean recipes and pastries.

Where tu buy Semana Santa pastries in Malaga?

Well, if you are looking for tasting this delicious sweets, I recommend you to buy them at:

  • El Pastelero Real 
    • Where: Between Cuarteles street and Salitre street, Pje. San Fernando, 6
  • El Salvador patisserie
    • Where: C. Tomás Echeverría, 1
  • La Canasta
    • Where: C. Pastora, 8
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