Solaga’s “Stay Safe” commitment

Our company has always been known for its impeccable reputation when it comes to the high standards of hygiene and cleanliness of our holiday homes.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented a thorough plan of action that includes rigorous cleaning and disinfection processes to ensure the safety of both our guests and staff.

Cleaning a holiday home effectively during these unusual circumstances requires specific training, appropriate supplies, and systematic processes

In this section, you will find the numerous protocols we have implemented for your safety and peace of mind.

Information about COVID-19

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the name given to the most recent coronavirus that originated this past winter in China. COVID-19 is the name of the disease associated with the virus.

While animals are believed to be the original source of contagion, the virus spread is mainly from person to person. The virus is transmitted via small respiratory droplets through sneezing or coughing or when people interact with each other for some time in close proximity. These droplets can be inhaled, or they can land on surfaces that others may come into contact with, who can then get infected when they touch their nose, mouth or eyes.

The COVID-19 virus can survive several hours, or even up to several days, on certain surfaces (metal, plastic etc).

In light of these scientific findings, we have decided to enforce a “safe window period” between guests, that is, to wait for a minimum of 24 hours between the check-out of guests from a property and the check-in of the following guests, by blocking the apartment.

This extra measure, added to a thorough cleaning and disinfection process, will reduce any potential risk of contagion between visitors.

Apartment cleaning and maintenance

All of our apartments are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each guest and blocked for a 24h-period “safe window”.

Cleaning time and frequency

The cleaning time and frequency for each property have been extended specifically to maximize the standards of hygiene focusing on the containment of the virus. Extra cleaning is available during your stay upon request.

”High-touch” areas

Extra attention is applied to most frequently touched areas such as entrances, door knobs, elevator buttons, light switches, door handles, electronic remote controls, thermostats, bathroom surfaces, bed and bedding, closet goods (irons, hangers etc) kettles etc.

Hand sanitizing and hygiene

Proper and frequent cleaning of the hands is paramount to containing the spread of the virus. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available in all properties.


All cleaning and maintenance staff are using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks and disposable gloves when entering a property.

Linens and bedding

Dirty linens and bedding are removed and replaced carefully following safety guidelines and are placed into dissolvable laundry bags. All pillows and mattresses have protectors on them. Blankets and comforters are washed after each use.

Laundry services

Linens and beddings are professionally laundered using the correct temperature and chemicals to optimize cleaning and sanitization.

Soft surfaces and upholstery

There is limited information regarding how long the COVID-19 virus can live on fabric or other soft surfaces. All our fabrics are cleaned at high temperatures as an extra protection.

Trash removal

Our cleaners have been trained to remove trash correctly using the correct disinfecting products.

Apartment maintenance

Our maintenance team, or third-party technician, will only be dispatched if the issue at hand is something that needs to be handled immediately while guests are still present. Non-essential visits will be limited in an effort to respect social distancing.

Less is more

We have made a conscious effort to “declutter” our properties by removing any unnecessary object to facilitate deep cleaning.

Disinfection and Sanitization

Holiday apartments are not a place where one is more susceptible to catch a virus than any other place. As a matter of fact, it is much safer to stay in an apartment than in a hotel where there is a high degree of interaction between guests and staff. Having said that, for the safety of all, we are fully committed to pay extra attention to both cleaning and disinfection/sanitization measures.

Cleaning is the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. It does not kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.

Disinfection is a separate step that comes after cleaning. We make use of enhanced technology to help counter virus spread such as electrostatic sprayers and other specialized chemicals.

Cleaning products and protocols

All the products we use to clean and disinfect our apartments and offices are recommended and approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health including hospital-grade disinfectants.

A bottle of bleach and hydroalcoholic gel will be provided free of charge in every property.

Staff training

Every day we seem to learn a little bit more about the COVID-19 virus.

To that effect, we constantly monitor the Spanish Ministry of Health (“Sanidad”), the Andalusian government and the World Health Organization (WHO) publications to check on latest guidance. We are also in constant contact with industry specialists to ensure we are at the forefront of the fight against any potential spread of the virus.

All of our staff (administrative, cleaning and maintenance) have undergone, and continue to receive on-the-job extra training, specifically geared to fight the potential spread of COVID-19 while receiving constant updates of any sanitary news.

Housekeeping and hygiene protocols, check lists, inspection schedules, and processes have been greatly reinforced; they are being reviewed regularly to ensure our staff is kept updated at all times.

Check-ins and check-outs

Direct person-to-person contact is the primary way COVID-19 is spread. While it is almost inevitable during a holiday to avoid human contacts, we will make sure those contacts are kept to a minimum.

We favour contactless check-ins and check-outs to respect social distancing. To prevent COVID-19, it is safest to avoid physical contact when greeting. Safe greetings include a wave, a nod, or a bow.

Check-ins and check-outs are carried out by trained professionals who will be wearing protective equipment (masks and gloves).

No physical contact will be needed during the check-in process. We make use of the latest technology to sign any required documents such as rental agreements or to fill in the local Police registration forms.

Extra assistance

In light of recent events, we understand that making plans to travel abroad can be stressful. We will endeavour to make your holiday experience as enjoyable as possible.

All of our staff are sufficiently informed and trained on COVID-19 to safely carry out their assigned tasks and prevent any potential spread of the virus.

Guests will be informed at the time of arrival of the special protocols we have in place. In case there is a suspicion that a guest has been infected by the virus or presents any of its symptoms, we will inform them of the basic steps to follow, quarantine the apartment, and undertake additional cleaning and disinfection protocols where needed.

In the unlikely event that a guest needs any medical or administrative assistance (contacts with local embassy, consulate, airlines, translations etc), it will be provided free of charge to make your stay as stress-free as possible.

Cancellation policies

Our cancellation policies have been reviewed to give you much more flexibility and allow for last minute changes. For more information, check out our General Conditions.

For more up-to-date information about the current situation of COVID-19 in Malaga, check out our blog