5 charming cafés in Malaga you probably don't know


Malaga has a strong coffee culture and, as it is, a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, there are many places where to get to know more about the city and its gastronomy. 

What better way to enjoy a Malaga evening than drinking a cup of coffee while you have a great conversation with a friend on a sunny terrace? We already mentioned the best cafés in Malaga in this blog, but today we would like to show you some of them that are quite hidden and you haven’t probably heard about them. 

At Salaga, we are going to take a look at the city’s best places for breakfast, brunch or the famous Spanish ‘meriendas’, where you can enjoy everything from churros to Malaga sandwiches called ‘pitufos’

1. Santa Coffee

Santa coffe in Soho Malaga

This café is located in Soho, one of the most multicultural and center-located neighborhoods in Malaga. It’s a tiny place where you can taste a wide range of cakes, sandwiches, eggs and homemade juices. Its popularity is due to its great coffee as they produce their own brand. They have several types depending on bean intensity. 

  • Where: C. Tomás Heredia, 5
  • Menu 
  • Instagram and Facebook.
  • Opening hours: 
    • Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 20:00h
    • Friday - Sunday: 09:00 - 20:00h

2. 25 degrès

25 degrès cafeteria Malaga calle camas

This hidden coffee shop is just 400 meters away from Calle Larios. Their croissants and baguettes are just amazing! They are famous for their homemade cakes and their different types of bread. 

Its decorations are very chic and modern, and it’s the perfect place if you want to bring your laptop and work remotely while you taste any of their cakes. 

  • Where: C. Camas, 3
  • Instagram and Facebook:
  • Opening hours: 
    • Tuesday - Saturday: 08:30h - 20:00h

3. La tarta de la madre de Cris

cheesecake from la tarta de la madre de cris

Are you a cheesecake lover? Well, then you just found your place! This charming cafeteria has any type of cheesecake you could desire: brownie cheesecake, blue cheesecake, gluten free cakes… All their pastries are traditional and you won’t be able to choose just one! 

It's center-located and it has a very tiny space, so many people prefer to order the cakes to takeaway. 


4. Shanao Café

Shanao Cafe

If you are looking for a place near the beach, you should go directly to Tomás Echeverría street. It’s located in the Huelin neighborhood, just 20 minutes away by foot from the center. It’s a very lively street full of fish restaurants, pubs and cafés. 

Shanao café is located there and you will find yummy yogurt bowls, vegetable drinks, vegan breakfast and delicious gofres and pancakes. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry, as they have a long variety of bread to create a sandwich to your taste.

5. Pastelería El Salvador

El Salvador bakery in Malaga

If you want to taste the most typical Spanish pastries, you definitely should go to this café. This bakery was opened just one year ago, and it became very popular in the city. They have a huge offer of cakes, sandwiches and juices. Also, they sell homemade bread. It’s always a bit crowded, so you’ll probably have to wait until you get a free table. 

  • Where: Calle Ayala, 88
  • Menu
  • Opening hours
    • Monday - Sunday 07:00 am - 21:30 pm

☕ How to order a coffee in Malaga?

Malaga is famous nationally because of its peculiar way to name cafes. There are around ten ways to order a coffee in this city and sometimes it can be quite confusing. Right below you have created a quick summarize for you:

  • Solo corto: espresso
  • Café solo: black
  • Café largo: extra strong
  • Semilargo: strong
  • Mitad: It means “half”.Half milk, half coffee
  • Entrecorto: semi short
  • Corto: short—more or less the same as an espresso shot
  • Sombra: literally, “shade” or “shadow,” used to refer to the amount of coffee and milk. In this case, it would be ⅓ of coffee and ⅔ of milk. 
  • Nube: “Cloud.” This cute name refers to a lot of milk and just a bit of coffee.
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